Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Audi - B8 S4 DSG V6T MMI - Don't worry, I'll explain



     Yes, I have already had an S4 on here a year ago. Yes, I have had more Audis on here than any other car. Yes I am biased. But every Audi I have had on here are completely different animals. This one today is a great example of how far the company has come with the S4. For those who don't know too much about this model, it is the business executive's fun car without breaking the bank. Young professionals who want something fast, fun, and luxurious flock to this car. The best part about it you ask? It is still tunable! Yes, that's right. This car appeals to so many because it can still be messed with, made faster, and handle better with a few mods. The S4 was always a mod friendly car except for theV8 years. Not much you could do with those unless you were Scrooge McDuck. The URS4, the B5 S4 and now this model are three examples of growing up but still having that kid in you that wants to tinker with it. Let's talk now about the features- AKA my lingo in the header.

     Let's start with the B8. That is the code for the body style for the A4/S4. They have had many models over the years and you may eventually hear an Audi enthusiast talk these codes. The B8 is the newest. DSG- This is code for the Dual Clutch gearbox instead of the traditional manual or torque converter auto. The DSG gearbox is a thing of beauty in my opinion. So many people, usually older, say nothing beats a manual transmission. Yes, manual transmissions are very fun and necessary in some cars. In this car, the DSG is at home. This transmission will shift faster and rev match downshift better than any human ever could. A buddy of mine says DSG stands for DerShiftenGooden. Wonderful for a track day. V6T- This is code for the motor. Traditionally, Audi has used turbos in their cars, hence the T. In this model, the V6 is supercharged but they kept the T on there for ole' times sake I assume. V6SC looks funny compared to the "T" we have all been used to. MMI- This is code for the Multi Media Interface in the car. This car has more options than you can imagine on the display. Radio, car settings, and Navigation are just a few of the things you can do with this system. I won't go any deeper cause it would take forever.

     What are Audis known for? All wheel drive Quattro! This is where my little story comes in. I have been very fortunate to own an Audi allroad previously and miss that car dearly. I had many good times and many great pics of me in some creeks in that car. Audi had a contest for owners of the allroad and long story short, I won with votes from the greatest group of friends ever. The prize? They flew me and a guest first class out to Sweden to take part in their Audi Ice Experience for a 4 day training/playtime with an Audi S4 wagon on a frozen lake in a beautiful small town called Arvidsjaur. I can't begin to explain how amazing this trip was but it got me thinking a bit. It made me appreciate the car company I love. I will always own one now. I know a lot of companies offer you packages to purchase to go there and take their cars for drives on the ice. I know this because the airport there was loaded with booths for many car companies where you meet up to take part in their driving seminars. It was automotive heaven for me. Although I wanted to stay there for months doing all of these events, I couldn't. I was proud though, that I was with Audi- the best car to be driving on a frozen lake with studded tires and a S4 with DSG. Here is a picture of our ride and a video of a lap I took. And even though it doesn't look that difficult by the video, I can promise you, I was sideways 90% of the time. haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHA0Wp9-XVk

     Let's talk about this model S4 a bit now. This car has amazing throttle response and feels more powerful than the 333 horsepower it claims. Less power than the previous V8 model, but faster than it. And this car can be upgraded with things like Sport Differentials and Dynamic Driving settings which makes it act civilized and fun whenever you need it. Being a guy who drives on snow maybe 3-4 times a year, I was worried I would be crashing every few minutes, but this car is so easy to control, I only wrecked once, by not paying attention. Wrecking on a lake is not like wrecking on the street. You just hit a pile of snow and have to be towed out by a massive John Deere tractor. Believe it or not, we each had a tractor card they stamped every time you got towed. I had 1, brother had 4. Haha. This car makes you feel like an expert driver only after a few minutes on the ice/road. They really hit the jackpot in my opinion with this model. I know it is not the fastest German sedan out there, but the S4 has always been a car that can be thrashed hard an will make you look like you have been a race car driver for years, while being a good value.

     A friend picked up this one pictured a few weeks back and I know for a fact that he is enjoying the hell out of it. He recently told me it has been washed more in the first week than his last car has been in the last few years. While that might be an exaggeration, it shows how much respect people have for the S4. I have always loved them as they are sleepers. They look like regular A4s with a few subtle differences, but they run a lot faster and will shock the Mustang or Camaro driver thinking this sedan is slow and boring. I am sure that happens a lot with S4 owners. They love the shock they see on peoples faces when they put the hammer down. When modded, these can get REALLY fun. This stock example is a looker though. The details on the car are subtle but amazing. S4 logos in the seats, Tach, and even the all weather floor mats show that they spared no expense on making this car what it really is.... freakin awesome!

     Thanks to the owner for buying this and bringing over even before he got a plate for it! Always enjoy the car conversation and always enjoy having an Audi in the driveway. Anyone who wants to bring over their Audi is always welcome!  Actually, anyone wanting to bring their ride over for this blog is always welcome, as long as it is a different car that hasn't been done yet. Still waiting on a Veyron or Enzo to show up! 

Enjoy the pics, the write up, and please share the Facebook page with your friends!


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