Tuesday, May 19, 2015

SL 63 AMG.....I repeat... SL 63 AMG

     I know very recently I had another AMG on here so this story may not be as good or funny at all. Actually, I'll just let the car do most of the work. And even though the E55 I wrote about recently and this car have a lot of differences, they have the same heritage. Sure one is a supercharged wagon and one is a two door twin turbo GT car, but they both start their lives in the factory, built by a person who creates the heart of the AMG by hand building and signing the massive torque monster. This one is a little newer though.

     Twin turbos pushing a massive V8 equals a lot of fun. Add the performance package that AMG offers and you are pushing over 600 lb ft of torque. I mean, I was impressed that my C55 AMG had almost 400 lb ft of torque. Over 600 has to make the earth spin a little faster when you goose it. The best part is, you can even still mod these cars, for a small fortune though. Being a GT car though, it is a heavy pig. The SL is one of the most luxurious cars Mercedes offers, especially when you add the optional Designo interior package. This car is beautiful. Straight up beautiful. Just seeing it roll up the street and into my driveway made me depressed that I didn't win the lotto recently because I want that feeling with a car like this. The Audi A6 isn't cutting it anymore. I need one of these!

     I have been a big fan of the SL for quite sometime and back in the day, it even shared the engine with the E55. It's a fantastic model that comes in all sizes. From a N/A v8 all the way up to a twin turbo v12. I have to imagine it is a great cruising car that can lay a set of 11's a half mile long. The options you can get on this car are just something you will have to research on your own. Not because there are too many, or I am lazy, but because some of the options are things you would never think a car would have. Remember though, $$$$$$$$. I personally think the SL 63 is a little overpriced in my book but if I had cash to blow, I would definitely have one. I am a sucker for anything with an AMG badge. I still want the R63 AMG.  Google that.

     Again, I think that's all I got today. Sorry, slow computer and long days at work have my brain a little fried. Maybe having this car would be a way to correct that problem. Slap the top down, warm summer day, cruising the back roads of Kentucky. I could see that as a way to clear ones head and recharge the batteries. Hey Mercedes, can I borrow one for a few years? I will wait for a response shortly.


     Let's just treat this episode like you are in a museum. Just be quiet and enjoy the art. I have even saved the most valuable piece for last....

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