Thursday, April 3, 2014

Honda Fan Boys Take Note... This Is How It's Done!


     When I was younger, and actually legally allowed to drive on the road.......... well, I won't lie, I had a blast. :) When a kid that is obsessed with cars finally gets his drivers license, watch out as hell is about to break loose. I wasn't breaking any laws ;), but I was always safe and to this day, 18 years later, I have never had a speeding ticket. I am actually really proud of that. Part of the reason was because if I ever needed to take my rage out on something with four wheels, it was at the local go kart track. Back in my time, places like Full Throttle (local kart track with fast ones!) were not around and I had to settle for what I call "Slow Karts." They were your typical slow, family style karts that you usually see at places like Gatlinburg or Disneyland. My friends and I straight up thrashed them. No bumping? Yeah right. It was PIT maneuver city when we were there. (google Police PIT maneuver if you are lost)

     Now get in the Delorean and come back to the present time. Times have changed. A place called Full Throttle opened up in Cincy area and karting took a huge turn. There were a few other fast karting places around the area but Full Throttle opened their doors with leagues, endurance events, and anything you can think of when it comes to blasting around in a 40 MPH kart. In this type of racing, bumping is not only a big no-no, it is flat out dangerous. Tapping somebody's rear in a corner at full speed can get you really hurt. This type of racing is about as close as you can get to racing in a real car...... or is it????

     When I started stepping up to big boy rides, no matter the model, I would at some point take it to its limit. Drag strips, autocross events, and even the occasional back road, I enjoyed driving my tanks. They were heavy, but fun.  But take a look at this little car. Before I get into details, a little funny story. A neighbor who I met when I first moved in was obviously a car guy and had some neat rides in his garage. While chatting one day he told me he couldn't wait to get the Mini out. Not seeing one in the garage, I ask where was it at, assuming some storage place. Nope.... in his basement. Haha. I was stumped until he showed me.


1960 Austin Mini
Originally a Right Hand Drive model

98 JDM Integra TypeR motor
LS transmission
Torsen LSD

And now the best part......

1500 LBS!

     For you Honda fans, imagine your dream Integra Type R with 1000 less pounds. This ride is the next step up from a go kart, although slightly different when it comes to the driving aspect. This car although, is the cleanest go kart you will ever see. It is literally spotless. A few friends have seen it as well and the look on their faces is priceless. Once you get past the small stature of the Mini, you start noticing all the details as well. I would also have no problem eating spaghetti off the engine and licking the plate clean. I will let the pictures do the talking here.

     Many years ago I was at the Cincy Concours show and actually saw a completely stock Mini like this and one thing stuck out, how small the wheels were. I really think the go karts we race now have larger wheels than the OG Mini. This example has larger wheels, although still very small compared to my tank, and everything on here is pretty much custom except for the body. For those who religiously read this blog, the S4 wagon owner owns this as well and if you remember how clean that car was and the attention to detail, then you will understand how this kart.... I mean car, is. The owner may get mad at this but it will prove my point. When he pulled in, the car had a little tinkle on my driveway. A steel braided line sprung a leak and the very next morning, a new one was bought and installed. Haha. This car is taken care of, and that's an understatement.

     Again, I appreciate the owner bringing this sweet ride by and enjoy the neighbor magnet that it is. Just an FYI, many people awoke from their hibernation to come outside during a very nice Spring evening and just chat for a few hours. Enjoy a few more pictures here and look forward to your responses on our FB page.

New episode already complete so see you all next week for a very interesting one!

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