Thursday, April 24, 2014

Never A Bad Day When A Lamborghini Shows Up!


     Imagine you are cutting your grass one day and you get a text message from a friend saying they are bringing a car over for some pics. Imagine that five minutes later, a Lamborghini Gallardo is parked in your driveway. Pretty crazy, huh? Yeah, that happened. More on that later. That was my short intro.

     If you grew up in the 80s, and you were a car fan, the Lamborghini Countach was the supercar that you dreamed of owning. I am guessing that it was also the best selling car poster ever made as everyone had one. I actually had the pleasure of sitting in one at a car show many years back, and even though it was almost 20 years old, it was still a sight to see. That car will never age in my opinion. It is still one of the most unique and futuristic body styles ever designed. If you are a real car fan, you have most likely seen the Cannonball Run movies, with the last installment being "Speed Zone." If you saw the movie Speed Zone, you know what I am talking about. If you haven't, watch this...

     Fast forward a few more years, and yes, I am going to bring up Playstation again. On the second Need for Speed created, a new prototype Lamborghini was present,the Cala. It never made it to production but if you watch this video, you will know this spawned the birth of the Gallardo, well I at least think so. Notice the similarities?


     Now the Gallardo has always been known as the baby Lambo. Missing the typical V12 in the older generation cars, there was now a V10. The car was noticeably smaller than the Countach and Diablo. It was more nimble, more user friendly, and based on what Underground Racing is doing with them now, loads more tunable. This car in stock form is fun, quick, and seriously good looking in my opinion. The Gallardo has been out for some time now but just like the Countach, it seems to stay young and vibrant. I can bet that 90% of the people reading this right now want a Underground Racing Gallardo. They are seriously insane. Ok, Ok..... a few more videos. Enjoy.  (I am responsible for 10k of the views it has)

     Who wouldn't want 1500 + horsepower in their Lamborghini, right? Well, maybe someday I will have the chance to drive a UGR Gallardo, I hope. But think about it..... this car has taken exotic tuning to a whole new level. The Gallardo shows you what an exotic car can do that older generation exotics couldn't. Take a Supra for example. You can get insane power from a big turbo Supra but trying to drive it is a different story. They are raw and scary. The Gallardo is more of a daily driven exotic. It is easy to work with. It has air pump in front to lift the car when pulling into a shady driveway. It is not brutal like the Countach was. This car has also taken Lamborghini to places I am sure they didn't expect. Sales skyrocketed and the Gallardo kept getting better and better.

     When the car showed up, I really was blown away inside. Sure I did not show it but inside, I was glowing with excitement. A Lamborghini in my driveway. This with the Ferrari 458 are two cars that I never expected to stop by. The owners are extremely kind to let me take pics and I really appreciate them for coming over. Yes, I went from yard work to looking at a Lamborghini in my driveway. A Lamborghini in my driveway.... hahaha! What an awesome start to this blog this season. Exotics galore coming over to show off a bit! Works of art that I someday hope to own. Someday.

     Again, thank you to the owner and the friends who brought it by. You know who you are. I can't say enough how much of a joy it is to meet the people that drive these cars. Back when I was a kid, I thought only lotto winners and CEOs had cars like these and I always imagined they would be very closed off when asked about them. These owners are the exact opposite; willing to share stories and chit chat away, and it makes me happy that I actually started this journey.

   Thanks for reading... more cars to come. Please share with friends and have them like the FB page. And please comment on your thoughts or what you would like to see in the future!

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